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Deluxe Motive Power Bleeder, Type 2, is a great item, it.

Jan 06, this is the removal only. be sure to watch part 2 on how to install the starter bushing. i include all the easy tools to use to install it with easeAuthor: Mike Fn Garage. Jan 31, Place the Bushing Tool at the opening where the Bushing is to be installed and use a small ball peen hammer to start the Bushing into its orifice.

Check the progress of installation until the Bushing is flush into its opening. Lightly grease the Starter Shaft and install the Starter onto the Positioning Stud and secure it using the treeclearing.pwted Reading Time: 4 mins. To remove the old 12 Volt Starter Bushing, tap the old Bushing using a 7/16ths tap If the Bushing will not remove by pulling on the threaded tap, install a long bolt of the same threads, place vise grips at the bolt head and use a hammer to tap on the nether side of the vise grips.

This should loosen and remove the treeclearing.pwted Reading Time: 3 mins. Mar 06, The tool company SIR makes the proper tool, currently about 25, for starter bushing removal on all the VW/Porsche 12 volt cars.

It is SIR tool P, available from many sources. 12V Starter Bushing Puller, is a professional grade tool will give you years of trouble free service. This pulls the starter bushing with the engine in place but starter removed! Motive Power Bleeder, Type 2, The best way I have found is to use a small flat blade screwdriver to break the bronze bushing apart, but becareful of the bellhousing.

Volkswagen had the answer.

The bronze bushing will break apart pretty easy. Of course, VW makes a tool to remove it, which is about impossible to find.

Feb 26, i remove them with the engine in. Remove the starter then use a 1/2 in tap it will thread the old bushing and bottom out on the engine case and pull the bushinf out.

Then knock the new bushing in with a extension. Make shure you put some lube on the bushing before installing the starter or you will be doing this again. Adaze1.

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